The orange backpack is all set and ready to go

After over a year na nakatengga lang sa sulok, it’s set and ready to go again. Yay for us! Will spend about a week in Bukidnon and 10 hours in Davao. 10 hours! OMG kulang!

Dahil sa sobrang kakuriputan instead of flying from Cagayan de Oro straight to Manila going back home, I decided to detour and bruise my bottoms to save at least a thousand pesos. Which I will probably spend in food and souvenirs anyway. Hahahaha. At least napakinabangan in other ways kesa sa pag-upo lang sa eroplano.

It was quite nice of Cebu Pacific to reinstate my booking kahit pumalya yung unang payment due to bank delay so tuloy na tuloy na and walang atrasan. Thank you Cebu Pacific for giving the opportunity to kuripots like me to travel without the guilty feeling of spending so much on plane ticket. Mas mahal pa ang bus round trip ticket ko kesa dito!