Women and gigantic bags / luggage


I am a female but I don’t understand the need for helluva gigantic bag or luggage. This is why I would never offer to carry le girlfriend’s bag/s, period. And I pity those poor guys toting around oversized bags/handbags/totes/houses. Why bring a hugeass bag and let another soul suffer. Can’t carry then don’t carry, le boyfriend is not a personal bellhop. I personally don’t think guys who carry their girlfriend’s stuff cool unless it’s the grocery, some equipment or something seriously heavy but not heavy personal bags/handbags/totes/houses.

I would often tease my best friend that she takes her house with her wherever she goes and it’s half meant. Her handbag weighs like 2-3 kg at an average. And if you look inside it’s made up of purses(?); wallet/s, make ups, toiletry (seriously who would carry such around on a daily basis), stuffs group 1, stuffs group 2, and some other stuff. I would only carry a bag with me if the things I’ll be needing won’t fit in my pockets.

My sister recently came home from overseas for a 2-week vacation and ohmygollygeewow! Her personal belongings weigh about 20kg packed in 10kg luggage. You are travelling international to one of the worst airport in the world known for opportunist taxi drivers, logically you would want to pack light to avoid the hassle of losing a luggage or the nightmare of transporting it around. Once went on a 5 day vacation with her and still, she brought a 20kg luggage whereas I had duffel bag topping at maybe 5 kg. On a 3 day vacation, my worldly belongings fit into my small orange backpack. 3 sets of clothes, 1 set extra (opposite the weather I packed for), 1 set sleeping clothes, half dozen underwears, pocket size toiletries, beauty kit (powder, lipbalm, small bottle perfume, sunblock), slippers, sarong(which served as towel). Can’t think of anything else to stuff in there. So yeah, it’s kinda difficult for me to swallow a 30kg pack for a 2-week stay unless of course you are camping and you have to bring your kitchen with you.


5 thoughts on “Women and gigantic bags / luggage

  1. Yup, yan na yun :D… but you have to remember that women have the distinct advantage of having smaller size and being able to wear clothes that are ahem, kinulang sa tela… hahah… so when i say three sets of clothes, that’s probably equal to one set for males :D…


  2. true. i can only hope that we would also have the luxury of having smaller size clothes that would fit in small backpack and yet would make us look decent. Hahaha you know what i mean. maraming dinedekta ang society na minsan ang hirap suwayin hehe


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